Scope of Activities

IIFCL is engaged in providing long term financial assistance to commercially viable infrastructure projects with overriding priority PPP projects in the country in designated sectors such as
• Road and bridges, railways, seaports, airports, inland waterways, urban transport and other transportation projects
• Power (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)
• Water supply, sewage collection, treatment and disposal system, solid waste management and other physical infrastructure in urban areas
• Gas pipelines
• Education Institutions, Hospitals, Convention centres, Hotels, Cold storage chains, Soil testing laboratories
Modes of Funding:
The company renders financial assistance through:
(a) Long Term Debt;
(b) Refinance to Banks and Public Financial Institutions for loans granted by them.
(c) Take-out Financing
(d) Subordinate Debt
(e) Credit enhancement

(f) Any other mode approved by the Ministry of Finance from time to time. 

Schemes/ Products
Ø    Modified Takeout Finance Scheme
Ø    Refinance Scheme: - 1. Agreement Refinance Scheme
                                     2. Application Form-Refinance Scheme
ØCredit Enhancement
ØIIFCL Base Rate


Base Rate (%)
Effective Date