Setting up IIFCL


The Hon’ble Finance Minister of India, while presenting the Union Budget for 2005-2006 acknowledged the need and significance of building adequate infrastructure in the country and made the following announcement:
“The importance of infrastructure for rapid development cannot be overstated. The most glaring deficit in India is the infrastructure deficit. Investment in infrastructure will continue to be funded through the Budget. However, there are many infrastructure projects that are financially viable but, in the current situation, face difficulties in raising resources. I propose that such projects may be funded through a financial Special Purpose Vehicle ….. The SPV will lend funds, especially debt of longer-term maturity, directly to the eligible projects to supplement other loans from banks and financial institutions. Government will communicate the borrowing limit to the SPV at the beginning of each fiscal year”.
Government of India, accordingly approved a Scheme for Financing Viable Infrastructure Projects through a Special Purpose Vehicle called the India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd, broadly referred to as SIFTI.
Accordingly, India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL) was established in January 2006 as a wholly owned Government of India company and commenced its operations from April 2006.