India Infrastructure Finance Company (UK) Limited
India Infrastructure Finance Company (UK) Limited was incorporated with the Registrar of Companies of England and Wales at London in February 2008 [Company No. 6496661] under the UK Companies Act, 1985 to lend to Indian companies implementing infrastructure projects in India, or to co-finance their External Commercial Borrowings for such projects, solely for the capital expenditure outside India. The company is registered with Financial Services Authority of UK as Annex-I Financial Institution for the purpose of compliance with UK Money Laundering Regulations 2007. The authorised capital of IIFC (UK) Limited is USD 500 million and the current paid up capital of the Company is USD 50 million.
IIFCL Projects Limited
IIFCL Projects Limited has been set up in February 2012 with the objective to provide advisory services to Central/State Government, local bodies and other stakeholders for promotion and development of infrastructure in India.
The company will cater to the demand for advisory services for the entire spectrum of infrastructure sector including roads, highway projects, ports, airports, inland waterways or inland ports, water supply projects, irrigation projects, water treatment systems, sanitation and sewerage systems or solid waste management systems, telecommunication services, industrial parks or special economic zones, power, construction for preservation and storage of processed agro-products and construction of educational institutions and hospitals. The company is in the process of establishing itself in the areas of Project Appraisal and Debt Syndication, Transaction Advisory Services and Project Development in the above mentioned sectors.
IIFCL Asset Management Company Limited
IIFCL has established IIFCL Mutual Fund and has also promoted IIFCL Asset Management Company Limited (IAMCL). IAMCL is promoted with the objective to act as Asset Management Company of Infrastructure Debt Fund(s) (IDF) set up through Mutual Fund route. IIFCL Mutual Fund aims to provide domain for long term investment to domestic and overseas investors in India’s infrastructure sector. IIFCL MF had obtained the SEBI approval and also the IAMCL was granted the approval to act as the AMC of the MF for the IDF
Accordingly, IIFCL has initiated the process for launching an Infrastructure Debt Fund (IDF) through the route of Mutual Fund known as IIFCL Mutual Fund along with the other Co-Sponsors/ Investors for a corpus fund of approx. US$1 Billion with an investment of around Rs. 15 billion through Mutual Fund route. IIFCL is keen to invite leading banks, Non-Banking Financial companies- Infrastructure Finance companies and multilateral institutions as strategic investors in the schemes of Infrastructure Debt funds in compliance with SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996

Financial Result of IAMCL